SmartFill GEN 3 FMS

Fuel accounting has never been easier, with instant reconciliation, even across multiple sites.

Liquip Victoria SmartFill GEN 3 installation on Self Bunded Tank

The SmartFill GEN 3 is a leading Fuel Management System, that can easily be adapted to any bulk liquid storage vessel. It's easy use design, cloud based technology, no ongoing costs and no PC software requirement makes it a 'smart filling choice' for those looking to manage fuel expertly. It's the upgrade to the GEN 2 FMS.

Simple, robust and functional wins in the long run.
Three design principles keep fuel flowing and ensures that every drop is recorded to make accounting and fuel management easy.

A robust system you can rely on.
Known to outlast the bowsers they were originally attached to, our units have survived floods, fires and even being accidentally run over by heavy equipment. The GEN 3 model is even more robust than before.

A world of applications
• Mining
• Municipals
• Service vehicles
• Marinas
• Civil construction
• Transport



Networked communications keep your records up-to-date in real-time. Your data is
always available and you don’t need any special software to access it. USB access
on the front of the panel provides access to data if you do not have a communication

Designed to deal with unstable power sources, such as generators, truck systems
and environments with high levels of electrical noise.

Access to fuel by vehicle and/or driver can be restricted by preselected times (such
as from 9am to 5pm) and/or volume (such as a maximum of 2,000 litres).

Configuring the unit is menu based, eliminating the need to enter excessively long
codes or numbers.

Housed in a tough, automotive grade nylon resin, weatherproof enclosure. for use in
all weather conditions outdoors. Enclosure rating is IP66 Tested temperature range
-25℃ to +55℃ and microparticle proof rubber seals stop dust, insects, moisture and
water from entering the unit. Multiple gaskets further enhance protection.

The system can be used for non-retail and retail use.

Easy to service the unit with Click-in and Click-out modules. Each is clearly marked
and can only fit in one place. No need for special technical or electrical skills.

Near Field Communications for easy user or vehicle identification, with long lasting
proximity cards and fobs. You also have flexibility to gain the data you want, and
how you want it. Access can also be provided via PIN, iButton key and VIN (Vehicle
Identification Number), or AVID (Automatic Vehicle Identification).

Variations in this model allow it to be used for non-retail and retail use.


  • Data can be recorded online, with no need for special software (and it’s FREE to use!)
  • Modular design allows for rapid installation and repair
  • Click-in and click-out design requires no special technical skills
  • Control up to 4 fuel/oil dispensers, all delivering simultaneously (Electronic control of up to 8 hoses on Gilbarco, Wayne, Compac, TT and Tatsuno dispensers)
  • Records fuel use for in excess of 50,000 vehicles
  • Records the past 20,000 fuel issues in memory
  • Uses secure vehicle keys, and driver PIN to control access to fuel
  • Restricts fuel usage by volume per vehicle/driver and/or time
  • All data is stored securely in the unit and can be automatically uploaded to a secure website after each transaction
  • Multiple communication options available for uploading data to the website: WiFi, 3G and Ethernet
  • Large, easy to read outdoors, colour 7 inch Blanview LCD display
  • Can be configured and is continuously monitored remotely via the website
  • The system can be used as a ‘preset’ delivery system. This is ideal for lube trucks or workshop lube dispensing systems
  • Suits just about any fuel bowser or bulk flow-meter
  • Housed in a tough, weatherproof enclosure with high quality lock and stainless steel door hinges for use in all weather conditions outdoors. Enclosure rating is IP66
  • Proven reliability around the world in extreme hot, cold, dusty, windy and salty environments
  • Extensive professional network of support
  • Optional interface to other tank gauging systems such as Veeder Root, OPW and Franklin Fuelling
Ordering Information

To order please call or e-mail Liquip Victoria and quote the model number you are interested in purchasing or using as part of your pump dispensing fuel managment system.

Technical Information

To view product specifications and technical data please download the PDF Datasheet from here or the resources section.


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