Hydrant Pit Valves & Boxes

Liquip offers a range of Polyflex hydrant Pits that are light weight and have been designed to exceed the extremely high loads and standards set down by the aviation industry.

Our Aviation fuel hydrant pit are the ideal solution for any hydrant application and can be used to house hydrant valves or high and low point assemblies. Our hydrant pit valves ensure the safe and controlled transfer of aviation fuel, complying with strict industry standards and regulations.

As specialists in road tanker equipment and bulk fuel solutions, Liquip Victoria understands the importance of reliable hydrant pit valves in aviation refuelling operations. Our valves are engineered for durability and performance, providing a dependable solution for your fuelling needs. Trust Liquip Victoria for top-notch hydrant pit valves that enhance safety and efficiency in aviation fuel distribution.

Liquip hydrant pits are an environmental design and have been proven to withstand earthquakes and other earth movements. They incorporate non-slip lids and comply with necessary EI and JIG standards, including tethering.

We have partnered with Cla-Val to be able to offer a full solution of Hydrant Pit Boxes with Hydrant Pit Valves and Isolation Valves.

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