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Liquip Rural Farm Tanks - made for Aussie farms

Liquip Rural farm Fuel Storage Tank by Liquip Victoria

Meet Liquip Victoria's Australian Made on ground diesel storage and dispensing vessel – primed for fast and efficient dispensing.

Liquip Rural Single Wall on ground round shaped Farm Tanks are designed for easy bulk or nozzle filling and set up to mount a variety of dispensing pump solutions. They provide a safe environment, removing the need to climb up ladders or unsafe stairs found on gravity fed tanks. Offering low maintenance and installation costs these tanks come in four versatile sizes:

T4.5 – 4,500 L   T6  – 6,000 L    T9  – 8,500L    T18  – 17,500 L

Dispensing is simple with a large range of custom fitted and complete turnkey pump solutions  in 12V240V or Solar powered options, making them an ideal stand alone refuelling system. We can supply these tanks fitted and ready to use as a complete turnkey solution to site.



Liquip Rural Australian made tanks and trailers


The Liquip Rural range of products are Australian designed and made

To place this iconic logo on a product you sell, and claim what it says, you need to apply for permission and meet a number of important criteria guidelines. We are proud say the above products successfully meet these criteria. Indeed, not all components we fit to our trailers and tanks fit this badge, but where possible we try to source parts that are from Australian owned businesses or are Australian made.

Liquip Victoria Accredited Australian Made Business


Liquip Rural Farm Tanks – Single Wall Diesel Storage

What can be included with your tank and the sizes available at Liquip VictoriaHOST Farm Tanks for Diesel Storage and Supply


Standard Farm Tank Features

 Solid and durable round single wall tank, designed to handle Australian conditions
 Safe Fill Levels: 4,500 litres, 6,000 litres, 8,500 litres and 17,500 litres
► Paint finish – White, two pack epoxy marine grade
Fast fill 80 mm connection or nozzle fill position option
Sturdy galvanised stairs to access dip point (no ladder required)
Calibrated dip sticks
Galvanised Vent Pipe with Updraft Vent
Various port openings on tank top for gauging or other uses
 Lifting points on tank for easy manoeuvrability
Warning decals for combustible application
Great under tank visibility for inspections
Heavy duty support legs with cradle strap, ready to fasten to concrete pad
 Pump package options available (Installed or in kit form).

Liquip Rural Single Wall Farm Tank Sizes
Liquip Rural FarmTank Sizes and Specifications

Pumps, Meters and Fuel Management Systems

Solar Pumping Off Grid (8 m Auto Nozzle) – up to 80 L/pm
Mains Power with Mechanical Meter – up to 100 L/pm
Fuel Management System – up to 80 L/pm

View our range Transfer Pumps, Flow Meters and FMS ranges and request a custom designed dispensing system to be fitted to your Liquip Rural Farm Tank of choice.


Liquip Victoria Product Gallery

Did you know?

When you buy any storage tank from Liquip Victoria, you are not just buying a tank, you’re buying a complete bulk liquid storage solution. Tanks can be supplied as complete turnkey solutions, with dispensing systems installed.
This arrangement includes:
► Selection and advice on the best suited tank solution 
► Custom tailored pump dispensing and monitoring system design with multiple options to choose from
► Fit-out of pump dispensing equipment and systems onto the tank
► Delivery, installation and set-up of the tank on-site, along with commissioning
► Option of on-going servicing and maintenance of tank on-site.

Contact the Liquip Victoria team for expert advice and assistance with selecting and having supplied a dependable and Australian made Liquip Rural Farm Tank.