Mechanical Flow Meters

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    Analogue meters have long been used as the standard for measuring transfer volumes. Each of our mechanical metres in the range are reliable, tough and robust, making them fine a choice to log your diesel and oil transfers.  Contact the Liquip Victoria team for expert advice and assistance with these meter selections.

    Mechanical Water Flow Meter

    When it comes to reliable and durable water flow measurement solutions, Liquip Victoria stands out as a trusted name in the industry. Our mechanical flow meter offerings are designed to provide accurate readings for a wide range of water flow applications. Whether you're managing water distribution, irrigation, or industrial processes, our mechanical flow meters deliver consistent performance.

    Mechanical Fuel Flow Meter
    For industries relying on diesel fuel for their operations, accuracy in fuel measurement is paramount. Liquip Victoria is your trusted partner for mechanical diesel fuel flow meters, designed to provide dependable readings for various diesel fuel handling applications.

    Our mechanical diesel fuel flow meters are renowned for their robust construction and accuracy. Whether you're involved in bulk fuel storage, dispensing, or transfer processes, our meters ensure that you can track fuel consumption with precision. We understand that in some situations, a mechanical solution is the most practical and reliable choice, and our mechanical diesel fuel flow meters are a testament to that philosophy.