Automatic Tank Gauges

Host Tank with Automatic Tank Gauge

Complement your storage tank with one of our leading range of Automatic Tank Gauges (ATGs) and storage monitors

An automatic tank gauge (ATG) is a critical component for efficiently managing fuel storage tanks. An auto tank gauge offers real-time data on fuel levels, temperature, and water presence in the tank. Liquip Victoria can provide leading-edge electronic tank gauging products and services for petroleum retailer, fleet managers and enthusiasts. ATGs enable businesses to create a system of comprehensive fuel information data that can efficiently handle the details of environmental compliance. Advanced functions like centralised site management, precision inventory reconciliation, and loss prevention analysis provide a higher level of fuel management capabilities, enable greater transparency and due diligence. With our automatic tank gauge system, you can ensure a streamlined and error-free process.
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    Managing  your fuel storage assets is made easy with Liquip’s range of tank gauging solutions.  The OPW NANO Tank Gauge Package is suitable for static above ground and below ground tanks and features the ability to provide reporting for EPA purposes.  Other ATG brands we carry are Piusi, OCIO, Pro Gauge and more.  All the gauges we offer suit Self Bunded, Single Wall, Fire Rated and round or containerised tanks.

    The Fuelcraft 12V Automatic Tank Gauge Package is suitable for above ground tanks up to 4 meters high and are approved to monitor diesel, AdBlue and water.

    For truck gauging refer to our Electronic registers and level gauges in Road Tanker Equipment and Parts section.

    Need more help?  Contact the Liquip Victoria team for expert advice and assistance with ATG selection and set-up.