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Fire Rated Fuel and Chemical Storage Tanks

Liquip Victoria Fireguard Self Bunded Tanks

Lessen the separation distances to on-site and off-site protected places, boundaries and security fences with an approved HOST Fire Rated self bunded tank from Liquip Victoria.


Liquip Victoria's HOST Fire Rated Tanks incorporate lightweight thermal insulation encased between two walls of steel. The double wall steel design provides secondary containment. The lightweight interstitial insulation material is 75% lighter than concrete reducing the overall tank weight significantly when compared to competing concrete encased products. This tank is UL 2085 labelled as a ‘fire-protected and ‘fire-resistant’ secondary containment above ground tank with a 2-hour fire-rating. Also available in 4-hour 240/240/240 fire-rating.

HOST Fire Rated Tank Tank Features:

► Insulates product in tank from ambient temperature variations, reducing emissions to the environment.
► Primary and secondary tank can be tightness tested on site with standard testing procedures.
► Steel outer wall provides low cost maintenance and protection from weathering.
► Primary storage tank and secondary containment compatible with a wide range of fuels and chemicals, including biodiesel and ethanol.
► Support designs available for all seismic requirements.
► Interstitial space can be monitored for leak detection.
► Meets temperature requirements when the furnace test was extended to 4 hours.

HOST Fire Rated  certifications:

► AS1692-2006 Steel tanks for Flammable & Combustible Liquids.
► AS1940-2004 The storage and handling of Flammable & Combustible Liquids.
► Ballistics and Impact protection per UL 2085.
► Steel Tank Institute (STI) Standard F941 for Thermally Insulated Above ground Storage Tanks.
► UL 142 & UL 2085 Standards.

Additional Supply Options

► Stainless Steel construction.
► Lockable Pump Bay.
► Avgas and Jet A-1 suitability.
► Multiple compartment construction, to support more than one bulk liquid storage option in the one tank.

HOST Fireguard Fire Rated Self Bunded Tank - Square


General Build Specifications:

► Paint Finish: 3 coats of Hempel paint 240 micron to corrosivity category C4.
► Fitted with primary and secondary
   UL certified emergency vents.
► Calibrated dipsticks for primary tank and interstitial space.
► Anti-syphon valve and mechanical overfill protection valve standard.
► Audible/visual alarms and hazardous rated versions.
► Multiple ports on top of the tank for instrumentation, sub pumps, ATG or tank gauges.


Host Fire Rated Self Bunded Tank Sizes

Offering 20 standard tanks, with 2 or 4 hour fire-ratings and capacities ranging from 8,000 to 83,000 litre Liquip Victoria definitely have all options covered. Tanks can also be configured to be single or multi-compartment units, creating greater flexibility when it comes to fuel storage. They can also be manufactured in any shape to suit the site.

Fire Rated self bunded tank sizes - 2 hour

Fire Rated self bunded tank sizes - 4 hour

For more information about our range of Fire Rated Tanks, including Fireguard Tanks please contact us today.