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HOST Self Bunded Refuelling Tank Trailer

HOSt Refueling Self Bunded Tank Trailers

Improve your ability to refuel equipment and machinery on-site and help aid productivity.


The HOST range of Self Bunded Refueling Trailers provide efficient and economical means of fuel delivery and are the perfect solution for keeping equipment and machinery fuelled and running. ADR and AS approved, they are able to be registered in any Australian state or territory and supply fuel where ever you need it fast. There are 3 tank sizes available, all are configured to safely store and dispense diesel:

► LST1000 – 1,000L   ► LST1500  – 1,500L    ► LST2200  – 2,200 L

Dispensing is simple with a large range of custom fitted and complete turn key pump solutions  in 12/24 Volt and Solar powered options, making them an ideal transportable refuelling solution



HOST Refueling Trailer Self Bunded Tanks Trailers

What can be included in you trailer and the sizes available


Standard Trailer Tank Features
  • Integrated Roll-over Protection System with transport industry standard manhole cover and pressure release vent
  • Fully galvanised trailer for improved corrosion resistance
  • Trailer designed for on and off road capability
  • Standard specialised three pack paint
  • specification for fuel tanks
  • Robust dual axle assembly, complete with standard 15 inch tyres and spare
  • Large lockable storage compartment
  • 3500 kg electric brake system
  • Breakaway system
  • Suction pipes (2x50NB, 2x25NB)
  • Self Bunded Tank
  • Ample storage locker at rear is supplied as standard and is lockable
  • Jockey wheel
  • Walkway access to front hatch
  • Baffled tank

Refueling Trailer  Sizes

HOST Refueling SBT Trailer Range - Storage Volumes

Pumps, Meters and Fuel Management Systems
  • 12/24 Volt Diesel Pump Packages, Meters, Filtration
  • Fuel Management System, NMI Approved
  • Solar powered or diesel driven/powered pump


  • Designed to Australian Standard VSB1
  • Australian Design Rules (ADR) Approved


Did you know?

When you buy an SBT from Liquip Victoria, you are not just buying a tank, you’re buying a complete bulk liquid storage solution. Not to mention that we offer a complete turnkey solution as part of the purchase. 
This includes:
► Selection and advice on the best suited tank solution 
► Custom tailored pump dispensing and monitoring system design with multiple options to choose from
► Fit-out of pump dispensing equipment and systems onto the tank
► Delivery, installation and set-up of the tank on-site, along with commissioning
► Option of on-going servicing and maintenance of tank on-site.

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To discover more about our complete range of HOST Refueling Trailers please contact a member of our sales team. Now you can cost-effectively dispense diesel in a more productive and efficient way.