240V AC Fuel Pumps (Petrol & Diesel)

Ideal for fixed location, high volume fuel transfer – and a popular choice with today's Fuel Management Systems.

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    AC petrol, diesel transfer and AdBlue (DEF) pumps are the smart choice when mains power is readily available onsite. Many of our AC fuel pump choices are manufactured from only the highest quality materials like cast iron, sintered bronze, and feature Buna-N seals. Our range all provide exceptional durability for a wide variety of fuels.

    Additionally, we stock a complete line of meters and accessories that you can customise your fuel transfer system with. From a simple mechanical flow meter, a hose, and a manual nozzle all the way up to a digital pulse output meter and ultra high flow automatic nozzle, we've got the 240 Volt AC fuel transfer equipment you need.

    240V Diesel Transfer Pump

    When it comes to high-capacity diesel fuel transfer, Liquip Victoria proudly presents the 240V Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump. These 240 Volt Diesel Transfer Pump are designed to meet the demands of industries requiring efficient and reliable fuel transfer solutions.

    Our 240V Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump is your go-to choice for handling large quantities of diesel fuel with ease. Whether you're refueling road tankers, managing bulk fuel storage, or handling fuel in industrial applications, our pumps are up to the task. With robust construction and exceptional performance, these pumps provide peace of mind and productivity.

    240V Fuel Transfer Pump

    For businesses that require a high-capacity 240V fuel transfer pump, Liquip Victoria has you covered. Our range of pumps is designed to deliver seamless fuel transfer operations, whether for industrial processes or large-scale refueling.

    At Liquip Victoria, we understand that efficiency and reliability are paramount in the fuel transfer industry. That's why our 240V fuel transfer pumps are engineered to meet and exceed your expectations, ensuring that your fuel handling processes are optimized for success. Trust us as your partner in delivering top-notch fuel transfer solutions in Victoria. Contact the Liquip Victoria team for expert advice and assistance with these pump choices.