Enjoy a welcome step back to 'Good old fashioned' workshop service and delivery.

Liquip Victoria new workshop Derrimut

Our state-of-the-art workshop and highly experienced team of sales, administration and workshop floor staff not only offer and deliver 'good old fashioned’ Australian service and ingenuity, but we also provide a complete range of customisation and repair services for Tanker Trucks, Fuel Terminals and Depots and Bulk Liquid Storage Tanks and Terminals.

As a proud and key business partner to Liquip's Distributor Network we are an authorised reseller and installer of Liquip Equipment Parts and products. Our dedicated team of fully qualified engineers, mechanics, boilers makers, electricians and fitters and turners offer years of experience and know how, allowing us to assist with all your Road Tanker custom projects and servicing requirements.

To learn more about our workshop and servicing abilities and how our workshop can assist with your work requirements, please refer to the information and gallery examples below. You can also watch the video on our about us page so get a better look at our service centre and one hectare site.

Key Workshop and Servicing Abilities

Workshop Features
& Accreditations

Our new workshop holds all the necessary indoor and outdoor space for large Road Tanker and trailer maneuverability and storage. Offering over a hectare of space, our site offers extensive capabilities for all manner of projects.

Repairs, Servicing &
Maintenance Work

Although we are renowned for our Road Tanker Liquip Equipment part fit-outs, we also carry out speciality servicing, repair and maintenance of prime movers, road tankers and all parts and systems related to these heavy vehicles.


For many years we've excelled in the design, development and manufacture of solutions related to the bulk transfer of petrochemicals.  Today our reputation proceeds us as one of Melbourne's top-shops for custom work.


Talk to the experts about repairing servicing and updating the dispensing systems on your fleet.

You can also download a copy of our Liquip Victoria Workshop & Servicing Brochure should require a printed or soft copy to keep on reference.

For more information about our range of Workshop, Servicing and Repair abilities as well as our customised solutions please contact us today.