12/24V DC Fuel Pumps

Powerful, dependable and economical, our range of 12 and 24-Volt DC (Direct Current) transfer and dispensing pumps provide the flexibility and power to handle even your most difficult applications.

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    Thanks to their compact sizes, ease of installation, dependability and safety, these pumps can be used as the primary system on earth-moving machinery, mobile fuel storage tanks, on vehicles or in construction yards. Additionally, we also carry a complete line of meters and accessories which mean you can customise your fuel transfer system to meet your specific needs. From a simple mechanical meter, a hose, and a manual nozzle all the way up to a digital pulse output meter and ultra high flow automatic nozzle, we've got the DC fuel transfer equipment you need.

    12/24v Diesel Transfer Pump

    Liquip Victoria is your premier destination for dependable and versatile 12V transfer pumps and 12V fuel transfer pumps. These pumps are essential for efficient diesel transfer operations, and our expertise in the field ensures you get the best-in-class equipment. Whether you need to refuel your road tanker, manage bulk fuel storage, or transfer diesel efficiently, our 12V fuel transfer pumps are designed to meet your needs.

    12V Diesel Transfer Pump

    Our range of 12V diesel transfer pumps is meticulously engineered for reliability and performance. These pumps are suitable for a variety of applications, and their 12V power source ensures flexibility and ease of use. Trust Liquip Victoria to provide you with the right equipment to handle your diesel transfer requirements efficiently.

    24V Diesel Transfer Pump

    For situations requiring higher voltage, Liquip Victoria offers robust 24V fuel transfer pumps. These pumps are ideal for applications that demand greater power and performance. Our 24V fuel transfer pumps are built to industry-leading standards, ensuring dependable and efficient diesel transfer solutions.

     Contact the Liquip Victoria team for expert advice and assistance with these pump choices.