Miscellaneous Camlock Fittings

Liquip offer the highest quality aluminium camlock fittings and camlock couplings. We offer a range of cam and groove couplings in different miscellaneous sizes to suit your requirements.

Ordering Information
Item Description
MC3-FC4A  3" Male Camlock to 4" Female Camlock.
MC4-FC3A 4" Male Camlock to 3" Female Camlock.
NA50-11A Male Camlock to Male 2 FBSP Hydrant.
NA65-12-80A           2.5" Male Camlock to 3" FBSP Hydrant.
NA65-18A Male Camlock to Square Flange.
NA80-11-50A Male Camlock to 2 FBSP Hydrant.
NA80-12A Male Camlock to 3 FBSP Hydrant.
NA80-18A Male Camlock to Square Flange.
NA80-18G  Male Camlock to Square Flange (AV-Gas).
NA80-18J Male Camlock to Square Flange (Jet-A1).
NA100-18A Male Camlock to Square Flange.
NA100-7A Male Camlock to 4" Blank flange.

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