Mini On Board Monitor


Developed for sites or vehicles with one or two tanks or compartments only, but with a necessity for overfill protection and/or automatic reorder.

Features & Benefits
  • Extremely small, light and more economical to purchase than current 8 channel monitors.
  • Versatility was the key word during development.
  • Single 2 wire electronic overfill sensor.
  • Can connect directly to a pump, control valve, alarm etc
Technical Information


  • Output controls are by switches, one being intrinsically safe to switch via the truck plug and gantry monitor. The other being a 8A power switch capable of operating a small air valve or relay in order to cut off liquid flow.
  • Switch provides both N/O and N/C outputs.
  • All sensor outputs are intrinsically safe.
  • Output signal by an integral relay rated at 24Vdc 8A or 12Vdc 8A. 

Voltage range
11v to 30v DC.

Operating Temperature
 -25 to +55ºC

Cast aluminium housing Poly-carbonate cover

Three wiring glands (either conduit or non conduit) are required and available as an option.


Ordering Information

MPP102: Mini On Board Overfill Monitor.

Associated Equipment

Probes: LDP202 series and AGP202  series.
EAC201: earth assurance clamp
JB100: junction box
DP305: dummy probe



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