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Vapour Gates

Liquip offers a vapour gate/interlock bar that is installed over the bottom loading adaptors, overfill system connection and vapour recovery adaptor in order to provide drive away protection.

The bar provides drive away protection by ensuring drivers raise/drop the bar prior to connecting/disconnecting hoses.

An integral pneumatic interlock valve which provides a signal that can be used to apply the vehicles brakes and can also open the vapour recovery vents when the gate is raised.

Liquip can also supply Vapour gate kits to allow for No Air In Motion (NAIM) systems. Please contact Liquip for further information.

Features & Benefits
  • The interlock bar is positioned over the bottom loading API adaptors, overfill system connection and vapour recovery adaptor.
  • The bar must be lifted for hose connections to be made.
  • The pivot incorporates a cam that actuates a pneumatic 3/2 valve (CV300) or 5/2 valve.
    An integral air interlock valve applies the vehicle brakes and can be set up to also open the vapour recovery vents.
  • Supplied in component form so the vehicle manufacturer can easily adapt to suit the number of compartments.
  • Brackets are available in different length configurations to suit both upward and downward operating API adaptors.
Technical Information

The pivot incorporates a cam that actuates a pneumatic 3/2 or 5/2 valve. This signal is used to apply the vehicle brakes that prevent the vehicle moving when hoses are connected.

The signal is also used for other purposes such as opening vents and preventing access to the overfill protection plug.

Supplied as a kit without the aluminium tube. Tube is supplied and welded on site by purchaser to custom fit each tanker.

Air valve CV300, 358-955 or DP458-955-AU is supplied when ordered as a kit.

-Brackets in cast aluminium AA601.
-Bushes Polyurethane.
-Purchaser supply to 34mm ID alum tube x approximately 3mm wall thickness in weldable grade.

Ordering Information

GC301: Vapour Gate Assembly (No Air Valve).

GC300-1: Left hand bracket - Standard Length.

GC300-2:  Right hand bracket - Standard Length.

GC300L-1: Left hand bracket - Longer Length.

GC300L-2: Right hand bracket - Longer Length.

GC300Z: Vapour gate assembly c/w air interlock valve & components (Standard Length - LH/RH).

GC301LZ: Vapour Gate Assembly (Left and Right Hand sides - Long Brackets). C/W CV300 AIR VALVE.

GC300S: Vapour Gate Assembly (Single Arm - Left Side Only) C/W CV300 AIR VALVE.

GC500Z: Vapour Gate Assembly (Left and Right Hand sides) C/W 5/2 AIR VALVE.

GC500DPZ: Vapour Gate Assembly (Left and Right Hand sides) C/W DUSTPROOF 5/2 AIR VALVE.

358-955: 5/2 air valve

DP458-955-AU: 5/2 air valve (dustproof).

Associated Equipment

AVV07x: Vapour Vent (Aluminium).

AVV3SST: Vapour Vent (Stainless Steel).

CV300: Air Valve 3 Port with Push Button.

MAC300 series: Pneumatic tanker control box.

API49x series: API loading adaptor (upward or downward operating).

SLV5-ARO Series: Internal foot valve.

TP10x series: Liquip overfill truck plugs.


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