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Engine Stranglers

Liquip offers a range of mechanical engine stranglers that can shut down the engine of fuel delivery trucks in an emergency situation such as roll over.

The enigne strangeler can be oneumatically or manually acturated to stop the engine in case of diesel runaway, and is easily re-set for continued use once activated.

The engine strangler can also be actuated by the roll over sensor via a solenoid valve. This provides a complete system of engine protection and electrical isolation for maximum vehicle safety.

  • 100% reusable. Once installed, it never needs replacement, no matter how many times it is used to save the vehicle.
  • Manual, cable or air operated for added convenience.
  • Available in both 3" and 5"

Minimum operating pressure

Maximum operating pressure

Air fittings
2 x 1/8” BSP

It is recommended that the valve operation be checked, using all the methods of actuation which may be fitted to particular vehicle, at normal service intervals.

MES3:3” Mechanical Engine Strangler.

MES5: 5” Mechanical Engine Strangler.

MES5MS: Mechanical Engine Strangler Air/Mine Spec (contact Liquip for technical data).


RS400: Liquip Rollover Sensor.

RS400-12Z: RS400 + 12V AST/Baxters BIS. 

RS400-24Z: RS400 + 24V AST/Baxters BIS.

RS400-12MZ: RS400 + 12V AST/Baxters BIS + Mounting bracket.

RS400-24MZ: RS400 + 24V AST/Baxters BIS + Mounting bracket.

TSW12K: Battery master switch Baxters type (12V).

TSW24K: - Battery master switch Baxters type (24V).


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