Product Indicators

Liquip offers product indicators to be used on tank trucks with multi-use compartments to allow users to easily identify  compartment contents. Our product indicators mount directly on to API adaptors as they mate with standard 4” TTMA flange patterns. 

Our product indicators are used to display the name of the product in the corresponding tanker compartment. They can show up to 12 different products as these labels have 12 product selections.

Liquip offers product indicators with a standard library of products to choose from and we can customise these label to suit your specific requirements. 

Features & Benefits
  • Can be loaded to display up to 12 products.
  • Standard product label is fitted with 12 most common products (other labels available on request).
  • Quick and easy changeover between labels.
  • Lightweight & durable design.
  • Commonly mounted to the 4" TTMA API adaptors flange for easy viewing.
  • Cost effective way to indicate what product is in each compartment.
  • Label colouring is in accordance to SLP recommendations
  • All aluminium body.
  • Non-corrosive internal components.
  • Larger positive locking barrel (operator friendly).
  • Body is made to drain.
  • Pre-assembled for ease of installation.
  • Made in the Australia.
Technical Information

Product Display Options
PI1200 supplied complete with label displaying the following products:

  • Diesel.
  • Ethanol.
  • Kerosene.
  • Unleaded.
  • Avgas 100.
  • Heating Oil.
  • Jet A-1.
  • Hi-Octane.
  • Unleaded / Ethanol Blend.
  • Pulp.
  • E-85.
  • Blank.

2 off hole mounting on the back of the API valves.

Ordering Information

PI1200: 12 position product indicator fitted with standard label.

PI1202: 12 position product indicator without label.

PI1200-CUST-SGL*: Single product indicator label to suit PI1200 - as per customer specification.

PI1200-CUST-12P*: 12 position product indicator label to suit PI1200 - as per customer specification.

*For labels printed with custom products/wording, contact Liquip.