Hazchem Sign Inserts

Liquip offers a range of Hazchem sign inserts to suits a large variety of unique products.

Labels can also be made to order to suit individual products. Contact Liquip for further information.

Features & Benefits
  • Lightweight and durable aluminium frame.
  • Metal signage for weight reduction and long life.
  • Sign inserts are easily replaced, changed or folders over to display alternate signage in compliance with hazardous transport signage regulations.
Ordering Information

HLS102-8: HLS special insert with text as required.

HLS102-9: HLS special insert for Aviation Turbine Fuel and Aviation Gasoline.

HLS102-12: HLS special insert for Ethanol.

HLS102-14: HLS special insert for Methanol.

HLS102-BIT: Hazchem sign comes fitted with signs to suit bitumen products.

Associated Equipment

HLS102: Aluminium/Steel Hazchem sign assembly.

HLS102-BIT: Alternative part for Bitumen products.


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