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3" Butterfly Valves

Liquip's range of 3" butterfly valves provide and control full flow through pipelines fitted with 75mm (3") TTMA flanges.

With a lightweight and durable design Liquip's butterfly valves are the butterfly valve of choice.

  • 4 stage opening/closing valve.
  • 75mm (3") product flow.
  • Bonded viton seal for increased durability.
  • Lightweight aluminium body.
  • Can be fitted with an Air Acutaor or locking tab as required.

Working pressure
1500kPa (210 PSI) in open position
700kPa (101 PSI) in closed position

Operating temperature
–10°C to 100°C

Mounts directly to Liquip 75mm TTMA standard flange with chamfered entry to ensure disc clearance in open position.

Periodically (approx every 6 months), inspect butterfly seat.

Body - Cast aluminium.
Butterfly disc - Cast aluminium.
Handle - Cast aluminium with zinc plated steel locking lever.
Spindle - Stainless Steel
Seal - Bonded Viton A.

1.6kg - LBV300
1.16kg - LBV3-LA


LBV300: 3” Butterfly valve c/w bonded Viton seal
LBV300Z: LBV300 c/w 2 x 3” TTMA NBR gaskets.
LBV300VZ: LBV300 c/w 2 x 3” TTMA Viton gaskets.
LBV3-LA: 3” machined butterfly valve.
LBV3-AAZ: 3” Butterfly Valve & Air Actuator
LBV3-AASRZ: 3” Butterfly Valve & Spring Return Actuator

BF3: 75mm TTMA aluminium flange (also available in mild & stainless steels).
0656: 75mm TTMA NBR cork gasket.
4287: 75mm TTMA klingerite gasket.
0656V: 75mm TTMA viton gasket.
LBV4-7: Locking tab.
LBV-AA: Air Actuator.
LBV-AASR: Spring Return Air Actuator.


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