Stainless Steel Air Operated Vapour Vents

Liquip's AVV3SSxx is an air operated chemical vapour vent that has been designed for superior chemical compatibility and resistance.

The AVV3SSxx is a sequential vapour vent with the exhaust from the previous vent opening the next in line. The outlet from the last vent can be used via a pressure switch to activate the overfill protection system, once all vents are open.

It has a 90mm nominal diameter opening for reduced pressure drop and increased vapour flow during loading and unloading.



Features & Benefits
  • Adjustment free.
  • Low maintenance.
  • 90mm nominal diameter opening for minimum full 80mm flow throughout.
  • Piston operation for sequential operation.
  • Downward opening poppet to prevent leaks from product surge, in the event of a tanker rollover.
  • The sequencing valve is offered to ensure the main poppet is fully open before next vent opens.
  • The end signal can then be used to allow loading/unloading in the certainty that all vapour vent poppets are open.
  • Air cylinder is serviceable without removing the valve from tank.
Technical Information

Operating Pressure
Operating air cylinder pressure: 70 to 900 kPa (normal 500 kPa).

Vacuum opening pressure: 7 kPa vacuum.

Air Consumption
1 litre free air per stroke.

Bolted from the outside to a blind Stainless Steel weld flange.

Flange mount: 8 hole equally spaced, 11mm on a 130mm PCD. 154mm OD.

Body: 316 Stainless Steel
Seals: FFKM or VitonTM GFLT.

Ordering Information

AVV3SSC: Chemical Air operated vapour vent, FFKM seals.

AVV3SSVG: Chemical Air operated vapour vent, Viton GFLT seals.

Associated Equipment

AVV3SS-10: Stainless Steel weld in mount flange to mount on tank top.

AVV3SS-11: 316 Stainless Steel flame arresting Gauze (optional).

AVV3-12: Polyurethane louvre kit with flame arresting gauze.

VH3.5: 90mm nitrile hose (check suitability for chemical products).