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Anti-Sparking Louvre Kits

Liquip's polyurethane Louvre kits provide weather and spark protection for Liquip vapour vents.

Louvre kits are normally used on the vapour dump vent, but can be used for normal vapour venting applications if there is no vapour recovery operation.

Mounts over the end of the vapour vent outlet and is fastened with a hose clamp.

Polyurethane body and stainless steel gauze.

AVV3-12: Polyurethane louvre for weather & anti-spark protection.

VRB-11: Outlet louvre Cover.

VRB3.5-1: Aluminium (straight) vapour weld stub - 90mm length.

VRB3.5-3:  Aluminium (45 deg angle) vapour weld stub- 110mm length.


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