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Aluminium Air Operated Vapour Vents

Liquip's AVV Series of aluminium sequential air operated vapour vents have a 90mm nominal diameter outlet and are sequentially air actuated to allow the venting of vapour from tanker truck compartments while loading or unloading.

The AVV series can be used in conjunction with an overfill protection interlock that prevents loading if the vapour recovery system has failed to fully activate.

  • Aluminium construction with Viton seals as standard.
  • The sequencing valve is offered to ensure the main poppet is fully open before next vent opens.
  • Bolted from inside tank. Gauze in body prevents access through outlet spout in certain models (optional)
  • The end signal can then be used to allow loading/unloading in the certainty that all vapour vent poppets are open.
  • The sequencing valve can be blanked if not required.
  • The poppet opens inwards to prevent leakage and spills from product surge in the event of a tanker rollover.

Operating Pressure
Operating air pressure 120 kPa to 900kPa. (Normal 500kPa).

Air Consumption
1.0L free air per stroke.

Directly on to manhole covers VOH750 and VOH410 or by weld flanges in aluminium or steel.

-Aluminium body.
-Acetal Piston with viton seal, as standard.
-Teflon Piston with FFKM seals are available (AVV075K).

AVV075V: Sequential Vapour Vent with Viton o-rings.

AVV075VW: Sequential Vapour Vent with through holes (Coaming mount).

AVV075K: Chemical Version with Kalrez o-rings.

AVVF075V: Flange mounted sequential vapour recovery vent, mounts to VOH500 series only or separate weld in flanges (Viton A).

AVVF075VG: Flange mounted sequential vapour recovery vent, mounts to VOH500 series only or separate weld in flanges (VITON GFLT).

VRB3.5-1: Aluminium Weld stub to allow venting into coaming.

AVV3-12: Polyurethane louvre for weather & anti-spark protection.

AVV3.0-10: Vapour Recovery Blank Plate.

AVV3.0-10M: Vapour Recovery Blank Plate (metric).


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