Manual Top Operator Camlifts

The CL402RG is an industry leading and uniquely designed camlift that provides a “quick action” lifting mechanism for opening the internal valve from the walkway of a tanker.

Liquip's CL402RG camlifts are made for use on road tankers specifically where opening and closing of the emergency valves  (footvalves) from the tanker walkway is required.

Features & Benefits
  • Encompasses an industry first unique safety guard for added operator protection (patent pending).
  • Contains a bush/bearing and o-ring to seal in the event of a tanker rollover.
  • Quick action lifting camlift mechanism ensures maximum emergency valve opening.
  • Tried and tested to provide effortless operation time after time.
  • Mounts directly to tanker walkways or separate weld in flange.
Technical Information


To open: rotate the handle 90° clockwise to open until the handle is in the upper locked position.

To close: rotate the handle 90° anti-clockwise to close. A spring return on the camlift ensures the valve spring can operate unimpeded.

Ordering Information

CL402RG: Manual top operator (Aluminium handle / body, Viton A o-ring and Z/P steel internals).

CL402RGZ:  CL402RG comes with NBR cork gasket and fibre washers.

CL402RGAT: Manual top operator (Aluminium handle / body, Teflon o-ring and S/S steel internals).

CL402RGATZ: CL402RGAT comes with Teflon gasket.

Associated Equipment

LW410: Lifting wire kit LW410.

CL402-1: Aluminium mounting flange.

CL402-2: Steel mounting flange.

SLV Series: Liquip internal valves.

0673: Gasket NBR to suit CL402RG

0673V: Gasket Viton A to suit CL402RG

4301: Gasket Tef Exp to suit CL402RGAT