PV401 Series

Liquip’s PV401 Series of pressure vents are often used on storage tank and limit excess pressure within the tank to 30 kPa max. 

When welded into tank shell, a Ø100mm opening is held closed by a spring within the tank.

When the pressure reaches a pre-determined level (typically 30kPa), a poppet opens and vents the excess pressure to atmosphere. The vent closes and seals at pressures lower than 30 kPa.

PV401 series is available in Aluminium or Stainless Steel cover and Stainless flange. They can be fitted with a choice of Buna nitrile, Viton of Teflon encapsulated O-rings. 



Features & Benefits
  • Limits excess pressure within a tank to 30kPa max.
  • Range of materials and seals available.
  • Simple and reliable emergency pressure relief venting.
  • Special opening pressures can be supplied on request.
Technical Information

Opening Pressure
Standard setting vent opens at 30kPa.
BRC model opens at 185 kPa. (Compartment pressure never to exceed 230 kPa)

Standard setting: 3250m³/hr at a pressure of 45kPa.

BRC Model: 3635 m³/hr at a pressure of 205 kPa

Weld in flange.

Conforms to AS2809-2008. (Does not apply to BRC models).

Ordering Information

PV401-AS-V: Aluminium cover, Stainless Steel 316 flange, Viton O-ring.

PV401-SS-V: Stainless Steel 316 cover, Stainless Steel 316 flange, Viton O-ring.

PV401-SST316: Stainless Steel 316 cover, Stainless Steel 316 flange, Teflon encapsulated O-ring.

PV401-AS-BRC:Aluminium cover, Stainless Steel flange with 185 kPa opening pressure for Rail car.