20" Bolt Style Manhole Covers


Liquip offers a 500mm (20") diameter cast aluminium manhole cover to suit the specification of oil companies and transport fleets. Now supplied in metric.

Liquip's VOH50x Series Manhole Covers come with three equipment mounting positions for overfill protection, vapour recovery and Dip & Fill accessories. 

Australian drop test approval makes these manholes ideal for both top and bottom loading. 

Features & Benefits
  • Passes Australian drop tests.
  • Cast aluminium lightweight & durable construction.
  • 225mm (9") emergency pressure vent included to enable bulk pressure release in the event of a fire or rollover.
  • Emergency vent doubles as an easy to open inspection hatch for top loading or visual inspection.
  • Can be fitted with a 1” thermal pressure & vacuum vent complying with recognised industry codes (for thermal expansion purposes).
  • Any mounting positions not utilised can be securely blanked off until required.
  • Available with either a plain or lockable handle.
  • Secure Locking Feature via Gravity Latch or Lockable Bridge & Handle.
  • Threaded mounting holes are metric and any mounting positions not utilised can be securely blanked off until required.
Technical Information

Passes the Australian drop Tests.

The VOH50x series is attached to the manhole coaming using a 24 bolt pattern.

Ordering Information

VOH501E6A8O0: VOH500 Manhole 24 Bolt (no probe mount), Alum bridge (30kPa) plain handle, PVV blank plate, no Gravity latch (metric).

VOH501D6B8U0: VOH500 Manhole 24 Bolt, Alum bridge (24kPa) plain handle, PVV104U, no Gravity latch (metric).

Contact Liquip for other VOH500 variants that may be available.

Associated Equipment

VOH500-14A: Aluminium coaming.

VOH500-17M: Steel coaming.

7237Z: Blank Plate for accessory mounting positions (metric).

PJB500: Overfill Probe Holder.

VOH400-10: Lock Key.