Camlock & Dust Caps

Liquip offers a range of camlock dip & fill caps and bayonet caps for preventing leakage through Dip and Fill openings.



Features & Benefits
  • Caps prevent leakage through Dip & Fill openings.
  • Camlock dip caps allow for easy checking the entire walkway to ensure caps are closed and prevent levers being flipped open in the event of a tanker roll-over.
  • The DBC series of Dip Caps are pressure relieving Dip Caps which enable pressure to be released before opening the cap, preventing possible operator injury.
Ordering Information

VOH-26: 80mm Dip tube locking camlock cap.

DBC50: 50mm Dip tube bayonet cap assembly.

NA80-2AW: 80mm Camlock Dust Cap.

NA65-2AW: 65mm Camlock Dust Cap.


Associated Equipment

DTM80: Venting Madrel Dip assembly.