Power Filters

Liquip offers the DCC100, a electrical power conditioner that protects connected equipment from surges and voltage spikes generated by vehicle operation.

The DCC100 supplies 12V DC out with low noise and a wide range of input voltage from 9V to 36V DC.

Features & Benefits
  • Protects up to 50V/100ms spike.
  • Wide range of input voltage.
  • Less than 0.1V output voltage noise.
  • IP20 ingress protection.
  • Light weight design, 100 grams.
Technical Information


It must be either mounted in the cab area, typically in the fuse box, or inside a junction box of IP rating 66 minimum (Liquip JBL100 or similar)

  • Ensure cable glands are rated for a minimum IP66.
  • Wire as per wiring diagram attached.
  • Ensure IP66 rated blanking plugs are used in any unused holes in junction box.

Input Voltage
 9V-36V DC.

Output Voltage
12V DC.

Maximum Load
Total 1.67A Continuous.

Recommended Fuse Rating
3.15A slow blow.

Cable Size
 0.2– 2.5mm2, strip length 6mm.

Ordering Information

DCC100: Power filter conditioner.

Associated Equipment

DFV100: Register for use in zone 1 hazardous locations.

DFV100H: Register with heated display (no approvals).

DFV103: Level Gauging CPU for use in zone 1 hazardous locations.

DFV101: Combined register & level gauging CPU for use in zone 1 hazardous locations.


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