Level Sensor Assemblies

Liquip offers a range of level sensor (Diptronic) assemblies for measuring the compartment contents on road tankers. Power to the level sensor and readout of the compartment contents is provided by the Liquip CPU models: DFV103, DFV101 or DFV101S CPU monitor.

Level sensor assemblies provide an accurate measure of compartment contents in real time and eliminate the need for manual dipsticks resulting in improved operator safety as the need to climb on top of tanks to check compartment levels is removed. Release of harmful VOCs is also reduced as opening of compartment access fittings is no longer required.

Features & Benefits
  • Radar transmitters ensures high tech  and accurate measuring of tanker contents.
  • Measurement and eye-level display of all compartment contents in litres.
  • No need for operators to climb on top of tanks to measure hazardous substances.
  • Length and range of the sensors can be made to suit height of the compartment on order.
  • +/- 1mm accuracy.
  • Can suit walkway or hatch mount applications.
  • No Moving Parts and one-time calibration.
Technical Information

The level sensor is mounted to the walkway or manhole cover on top of the tank with the shaft and tube extending to the bottom of the tank, in most cases. The tube is held in place at the bottom of the tank by means of a weld in tube steady, also supplied by Liquip. Power to the sensor and readout of the levels are provided by Liquip’s DFV series CPUs.

Remove 4 off M5 hex screw to open the cover and access PCB assembly and sensor. (Note: These screws are to be lead sealed after calibration).

Refer to instruction manuals 7331 & 7326 for setup and calibration of the system with DIP2xx CPUs. 
Refer to instruction manuals 7403 for setup and calibration of the system with DFV1xx CPUs. 

Aluminium cover and base
Potted electronics
Stainless steel tube and shaft
Glass filled Teflon bushes

4 off M8 or 5/16” screws to either walkway or manhole cover.
Note: Assembly part name will determine walkway or manhole mounting configuration

Dependent on stick length

Electrical Parameters
As per corresponding safety approvals (contact Liquip for additional information)

Operating Temperature
As per corresponding safety approvals (contact Liquip for additional information)

IP Rating

+/- 1mm.

Safety Approvals

Length and Range
Determined by the height of the compartment:0.6-2.5m.
Other sizes - contact Liquip.

Maximum height of the housing above the walkway

Type of liquid to be detected
All petroleum products

Australian NMI Approved

0.05% or better over the range.

Ordering Information

Associated Equipment
Item Description
DIP130-12 PCB ASSEMBLY DIPTRONIC HEAD (Use DIP130-12 for temperature range -20oC to +55oC)
DFV130-12 PCB ASSEMBLY DIPTRONIC HEAD (Use DFV130-12 for temperature range -10oC to +55oC
(note: DFV offered as standard)
DFV103  Level Gauging CPU for use in zone 1 hazardous locations.
DFV101 Combined register & level gauging CPU for use in zone 1 hazardous locations
DFV150-MOUNTZ DFV150 level gauge mount kit.
DFV150M-MOUNTZ DFV150 level gauge mount kit (Metric).
DFV130-MOUNTZ DFV130 level gauge mount kit.
DIP310-1 Single Al Mounting Pad - weld in for Diptronic/Level Gauge Sensors.
DIP300 Bottom steady Al for Diptronic/Level Gauge Sensors.
4130 Printer Slip Epson TM-U295
DIP200-11Z Kit DIP Connect HOOD/Female.
DIP200-12Z Kit DIP Connect SUR-MNT/Male.
DIP200-13Z Kit DIP Connect SUR-MNT/Male.
DIP200-14Z Kit DIP Connect Hood/Male.