Junction Boxes

Electronic junction boxes provide an intrinsically safe and easy method of wiring to terminate and connect the gantry plug with the overfill rack monitor.

Features & Benefits
  • Connection through industry standard 3 or 4 bayonet 10 pin plug for intrinsically safe signals only and/or earthing connection.
  • Replace gantry plug components without the need to access the overfill monitor’s explosion proof housing.
  • Protects the monitor’s housing from damage and potential hazard exposure should a drive-away occur.
  • Provision for connection of the earth lead is provided.
  • Easy maintenance.
Technical Information

2 x Ø8.5 holes through base allow for mounting with M8 bolts.


Ordering Information

JB100: Junction box comes with 2 x 3/4” NPS cable entries at top and bottom.

JB103: Junction box comes with 3 x 3/4” NPS cable entries at top, bottom and left hand side.

Associated Equipment

GP103: Gantry plug, 3-pin bayonet, Navy Blue, supplied with cable & gland.

GP104: Gantry plug, 4-pin bayonet, Black, supplied with cable & gland.

GP114: 4 pin gantry plug with self coiling cable. (Quick Release).

GP214: 4 pin gantry plug with straight cable. (Quick Release).

EAC201: Earth Assurance clamp with 8m straight cable.

EAC202: Earth Assurance clamp with 8m self-storing (curly) cable.

RM140D: Overfill monitor (typical configuration for Australian market).

RM140E: Overfill monitor (typical configuration for Global markets).


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