i Meter Fuel Tracking

The i-Meter GPS truck tracking system allows you to monitor fuel deliveries online and in real time. The i-Meter system is a plug and play devices that connects to your Liquip electronic register or combined register and Diptronic level gauge CPU and instantly records and reports all tanker flow and product level activities on a 24/7 cloud based system. The i-Meter will report each delivery detail to HQ within 30 seconds of completion, giving you complete transparency and accuracy of all stock movements in real-time.

Features & Benefits
  • No contracts or software installation thanks to a 24/7 cloud based dashboard.
  • Real time GPS tracking of the Stock and the Vehicle using GPS coordinate on Google Maps.
  • A range of built in reports available.
  • Ability to set Geo fences to know when a truck enters or leaves a set area/location.
  • Easy to install and can be set up in a couple of hours.
  • Reports tanker route and delivery activity, product type, flow quantity, time and date in a secure web based dashboard in HQ. • Low up front & monthly costs.
  • Delivery information is displayed in E-ticket format. This information, helps to eliminate fraud as any stock discrepancies can be easily identified.
  • i-Meter uses mobile data. If the device goes into a bad cellular signal area, the i-Meter will capture the satellite GPS co-ordinates & time stamp them. Once the device comes back online, it will send up all the stored GPS co-ordinates so you can always see where the vehicle has been.
Ordering Information

LIQUIP-IMETER: iMeter Tracking Unit installed with mobile sim.


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