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Newgard Full Hand Insulator

OPW NEWGARD™ Full Hand Insulator

All OPW 7 Series, Astro Series, and 1A Series nozzles are furnished complete with NEWGARD™ hand insulators. Available in a variety of colors.

OPW NEWGARD™ Two-Piece Hand Insulator

OPW 11A®, 11B® and 21Ge™ nozzles are furnished complete with NEWGARD™ 2-piece hand insulators. For a more unique appearance, try our new two-piece design. OPW NEWGARD™ 2-piece hand insulators make it easy to match new color schemes or replace soiled insulators without removing the nozzle from the hose.

OPW 8 FILLGARD™ Splash Guard

FILLGARD™ also enhances the appearance of your gasoline nozzle, and makes dispensing gasoline more pleasant for your customers. FILLGARD™ won’t deform or crack in cold weather. FILLGARD™ is not standard on new 7 Series nozzles.

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