Fuel Flow Meters

Fuel Flow Meters

Every single drop counts.

Meters are essential for measuring quantities dispensed. Diesel flow meters play a vital role in measuring the flow rate of diesel in various applications. They need to be reliable, robust and precise. Our range of fuel flow meters responds to these key requirements, offering you a comprehensive set of digital and analogue/mechanical flow meters. The fuel meters provide precise measurements to maintain operational efficiency. 

Whether you're looking to log Petrol (ULP & LP), Diesel, AdBlue (Urea), oils (lubricants), antifreeze or food transfers we've a meter to suit. There are also meters to meet demanding situations: for example, high flow-rates and pulser flow meters which read the flow rate of the liquid and display the results on remote screens.

Check out our ranges below in their pre-grouped listings to assist you find exactly what you need. We are the diesel flow meter supplier you can trust. 

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