Flomec 01N Series Water Flow Meter

Flomec 01N Series Water Flow Meter

The in-line design of the 01N Series water flow meter allows for simple mounting on the end of a hose or pipe and comes complete including turbine assembly, microprocessor and LCD readout. The simple, small, and sturdy water flow meter is constructed with a rugged nylon housing making it the economical choice.




Features & Applications


  • Turbine technology means accurate measurement for low viscosity liquids, ideal for water flow measurement.
  • Nylon construction makes this water flow meter a rugged and economical choice.
  • 1 inch / 25mm water flow meter size allows for connection with commonly found fittings and application equipment, in particular domestic water metering.
  • 10-100 LPM flow range is versatile enough for any installation and allows for gravity fed applications.
  • Accuracy ±5.0% 


  • Commercial Lawn & Garden Water Metering
  • Water Measurement for Concrete Mixing
  • Industrial Cleaning Tanks
  • Agricultural Sprayers
  • Commercial Mixing Tanks
  • Golf Courses
  • Public Parks
Ordering Information

To order please call or e-mail Liquip Victoria and quote the associated Flomec Product Code for the specific meter version you require listed on Datasheet available for download from the resources section.

Technical Information

To view all product specifications and technical data please download the PDF Datasheet from the resources section.


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