Fuelcraft Smartdip 12V ATG

Fuelcraft Smartdip 12V ATG Liquip Victoria

Fuelcraft Smartdip 12V Automatic Tank Gauge

Save time and money with automated tank levels viewed online and sent directly to your email or fuel supplier

Eliminate daily dipping of your storage tank and streamline your refilling process.


The World’s Easiest Wireless ATG

Sick of running out of fuel?

Tired of chasing people for up-todate tank levels

Automate your tank dips and view your tank levels from anywhere in the world. Even your fuel supplier can have access, enabling you to utilise vendor managed inventory.

Enter Fuelcraft SmartDip 12V, the market leading tank-level monitoring solution that promises to make dry tanks a thing of the past. Fuelcraft SmartDip 12V’s set-and-forget automatic gauging system and lightweight design can be installed in less than five minutes, without drilling holes, running wires, or draining your fuel tank.

Once installed, you’ll have access to the SmartFill Web Portal, which offers unrivalled oversight of your tank data, including forecasting for future deliveries. Plus, Fuelcraft SmartDip 12V’s alert system will notify you when fuel levels are low, giving you plenty of time to restock. And if you forget to restock, Fuelcraft SmartDip 12V can even contact your fuel supplier for you!

With Fuelcraft SmartDip 12V, you’ll never have to worry about dry tanks again. No more unexpected downtime, lost productivity, or added stress.

Try Fuelcraft SmartDip 12V today and experience the peace of mind that comes with hassle-free fuel management.



Easy to Install:

• Powered by an internal battery (No digging trenches for cable runs to get power)

• Solar power automatically recharges the battery (no leads needed)

• Always connected to the 4G network (No manual dips!)

• Designed to fit into existing fuel tanks (No fabrication needed)

• Pre-wired probe to suit the size of your tank (No wiring!)


Easy to Use:

• Configured using our web portal on a single page

• Updates the level readings on the web portal at set intervals

• Track your fuel levels with graphs and stay informed from anywhere

• 24/7 Support is available from our world-class team so you’re never without help


Please CONTACT LIQUIP VICTORIA  for all ordering information.


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