Floating Suctions

Liquip manufactures floating suction assemblies for use in horizontal or vertical, above or below ground storage tanks where little or no contamination can be tolerated, such as aircraft jet fuel. Since the fuel near the top is least likely to contain water or foreign particles, the floating suction assemblies are designed to float near the top of the liquid surface and draw from this near-surface, contamination-free liquid. All of our floating suctions are designed for long, trouble-free life

The main contaminant of fuel is water, which is heavier than fuel and will sink. It is therefore undesirable to extract product from a tank via the base as this will suck in water through the lines. The way this is prevented is by introducing a floating suction, which sucks product near but below the surface of the liquid. The suction may have a single arm or multiple arms, depending on the height and diameter of the tank. Other requirements including the actual product in the tank need to be assessed for suitability, especially in relation to its corrosiveness. All floating suctions are uniquely designed by Fuelling Solutions to meet your requirements.

Features & Benefits
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Increases efficiency and decreases maintenance of filter separators.
  • Permanently lubricated dual race swivel joints.
  • Triple-sealed swivel joints specially designed for submerged service.
  • Suction baffle and stop leg maintains a minimum intake level of 8” above tank bottom (or as specified).
  • Aluminium 150 lb. flat-faced flanges are standard; steel and stainless steel available upon request.
Technical Information

Standard Configurations

The following are standard Floating Suction Assemblies. Special configurations are available upon request.


Model 763: for horizontal tanks under 10’ in diameter Model 764: for horizontal tanks 10’–15’ in diameter



Model 763V: for tanks under 10’ in diameter Model 764V: for tanks 10’–15’ in diameter



Model 765: Single-pipe, extended reach for cone roof tanks



Model 766: Scissor-style for large vertical tanks

Custom configurations available. Please consult factory.


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