Show Flow

The most reliable way to tell if there is any flow through small bore tubing is the use of a “show flow”.

Liquip's “Show-Flow” visual indicator provides a observable status of flow in the fuel system by the yellow paddle-wheel spinning.

Some of these devices are also equipped with a check valve. When installing these devices, the arrow on the casting needs to be adhered to. The show flow is most commonly used together with an air eliminator. It is also sometimes fitted to the thermal relief.

Features & Benefits
  • The SFP style can be mounted both horizontal and vertical, offering bi-directional flow indication with low pressure losses.
  • Range of sizes i.e. ¼" to 1".
  • The SFP  series requires no routine maintenance.
  • Low pressure loss.
  • 230 PSI/400oF capability.
  • Constructed from high quality materials, these in-line indicators are suitable for many applications including water, oil, chemicals, air and gases
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