Single Channel Overfill Protection Monitor - ATEX/UKEX Applications only

The PD501 monitor provides overfill protection combined with ground assurance.

The PD501 is a basic unit which offers the lowest capital cost with simple and cheap installation wiring. It is compatible with all common probes built to EN13922.

The PD501 is a multi-purpose monitor for use in ATEX and UKEX applications only.

Features & Benefits
  • Explosion proof housing.
  • Incorporates a single channel for 2-wire probes for railcar filling or other 2 wire applications.
  • Monitors up to 15 x 5-wire probes for overfill protection. 
  • Ground assurance.
  • ATEX and UKEX approvals.
  • Cost effective overfill protection & ground assurance.
Technical Information

Safety Approvals
ATEX Certificate: TRL03ATEX11007X.
Marking: EEx d [ia] IIB T6
              CE 2813 EX II 2 [1] G.

UKEX Certificate: EMA21UKEX0035X
Marking: Ex dB [ia Ga] IIB T6 Gb IP54
              UKCA 0518 EX II 2 [1] G.

Parameters: Uo = 17V, Io = 179mA, Co = 1.8μF, Lo/Ro = 200μH/Ω.
Temperature: -20°C ≤ Tamb ≤ +40°C

Explosion proof housing for Zone 1, monitoring signals intrinsically safe Zone 0.

Power supply
240VAC or 110VAC (upon request).


Ordering Information

Standard Configurations

PD501-240-FC: 240V Single channel monitor - 5 wire and overfill monitor (ATEX/UKEX only).

PD501-240-GC: 240V Single channel monitor - Ground control (ATEX/UKEX only).

For all other configurations, order as:

PD501-240: 240V single channel monitor - (ATEX/UKEX only).


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