RM140 - Overfill & Grounding Monitor

Overfill protection and grounding monitor for truck or rail loading in petro-chemical applications. Built to function with all probes designed to the API code: API RP 1004 and the EU Standard EN13922, the RM140 Series is the world’s most flexible and adaptable monitor. 

The RM140 provides state-of-the-art overfill protection and grounding monitoring that is compatible with all commonly used overfill protection and grounding systems.

Known around the world for its superior reliability and 'bullet proof' design. The RM140 series can detect the type of sensor in the transport, the state of liquid in the tank, an overfill situation, and/or verify the grounding condition.

Liquip offer the RM140E which is configured for global markets and the RM140D which is configured for the Australian market. Other variations can be provided upon request.


Features & Benefits
  • Grounding and/or Overfill Monitor in one competitive package.
  • Automatic sensing of 2-wire/thermistor or 5-wire overfill systems.
  • Supports up to (8) 2-wire/thermistor probes and up to (12) 5-wire probes.
  • Self-test at start up/continuous self-monitoring, ensures safety throughout the loading process.
  • Separate grounding and overfill control outputs.
  • Ultra high visibility display provides flexibility for indoor/outdoor use.
  • Full sensor diagnosis at a glance.
  • Coded wireless by-pass key for secure and reliable operation.
  • Built in 110 & 240 voltage selection.
  • Built in 6 or 8 channel selection.
  • Upgradeable software to allow for additional features.
Technical Information

-Built to function with all probes designed to the API code: API RP 1004 and the EU Standard EN13922
-Up to Hardware SIL 1 capable.

In order to load the RM140 checks for grounding and overfill status of the gantry/vehicle.

The RM140's ground verification ensures there is sufficient grounding in place to allow loading to occur.

The RM140 checks the overfill status by sending a intrinsically safe signal to the probes in the vehicle asking them if they are dry or wet.

When probes are 'dry', a signal is returned to the monitor. If the signal meets pre-determined characteristics the monitor goes to a “permissive” state which allows loading to occur. If the probe becomes 'wet', the relay is opened and the monitor goes to a "non permissive" state which prevents loading from occurring.

Explosion proof aluminium housing base & cover.
Laminated glass window.



Power  240V  110V

Min Input Voltage

185 Vac 85 Vac
Max Input Voltage 275 Vac 135 Vac
In-rush Current 2.2 A 2.3 A
Max Current 400mA 400mA
Normal Power Consumption 8.6W (No Probe)
20W (8 x2wire probes)
8.6W (No Probe)
20W (8 x2wire probes)
Mains Power Fuse Rating 250V, 400mA anti-surge 
1500A Breaking Capacity 

250V, 400mA anti-surge

1500A Breaking Capacity

Ordering Information

RM140D: Overfill monitor (typical configuration for Australian market).

RM140E: Overfill monitor (typical configuration for Global markets).

For any specific configurations, contact Liquip.

Associated Equipment

6983: Wireless FOB Bypass key for RM140.

6987: Fuse 400mA, 250Vac anti-surge, 1500A Breaking Capacity.

5542: Fuse 5A @ 250Vac anti-surge.

6985: RM100 Safety Ground Harness.

RM100-3: RM100 Aluminium Safety Barrier.

RM100-4: RM100 Polycarbonate Terminal Cover.

RM100-5K: RM100 PCB Assembly Complete Kit (RM100-5 + 6959 Display).

GP103: 3 Bayonet Gantry Plug.

GP104: 4 Bayonet Gantry Plug.

GP204U: 4 Bayonet Gantry Plug screened cable, complies with EN13922.

JB100: Junction Box with 2 threaded gland entries.

JB103: Junction Box with 3 threaded gland entries.

EAC201: Straight Earth Clamp.

EAC202: Coiled Earth Clamps.

HTA204: Two-wire Optical Hand Tester.

HTA503: Five-wire Optical Hand Tester.

LDP202: Two-wire Level Detection Probe.

LDP205: Five-wire Level Detection Probe.