Gantry Plugs & Cables (mil spec) - GPx14

The GPx14 is a 4 pin gantry plug which comes a mil spec plug to allow for quick connection/disconnection. 

The GPx14 is designed for use with common industry overfill protection monitors and vehicles including the Liquip RM140 “Overfill Monitor”.  

Features & Benefits
  • Quick disconnect gantry plug for overfill monitors.
  • Allows customers to exchange suspected faulty or damaged gantry plugs without needing an electrician.
  • Cater for up to 8 compartments with 2-wire probes.
  • Acts as a break-away junction if drivers fail to disconnect gantry plugs and just drives away.
  • Cable is ten-core either self-coiling or 8m long uncoiled, both with petroleum-resistant outer.
  • Each core is 32 strand tinned copper.
  • Robust petroleum-resistant housing which can withstand harsh environments.
  • High-visibility cable for ease of visibility and safety.
Technical Information

Cable specifications
Resistance R = 0.0178 /m.
Capacitance C = 45 pF/m.
Inductance L = 0.325 FH/m.

-Aluminium Quick Release plug.
-Polyurethane socket body.
-Stainless steel pins and fittings.
-10 core cable, outer polyurethane.

4kg (complete kit).

Ordering Information

GP114: 4 pin gantry plug with self coiling cable.(Quick Release).

GP214: 4 pin gantry plug with 8m uncoiled cable. (Quick Release).

Associated Equipment

RM140: Overfill Protection & Grounding Monitor.

Liquip TP series of truck plug.


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