Newgard Full Hand Insulator

OPW NEWGARD™ Full Hand Insulator

All OPW 7 Series, Astro Series, and 1A Series nozzles are furnished complete with NEWGARD™ hand insulators. Available in a variety of colours.

OPW NEWGARD™ Two-Piece Hand Insulator

OPW 11A®, 11B® and 21Ge™ nozzles are furnished complete with NEWGARD™ 2-piece hand insulators. For a more unique appearance, try our new two-piece design. OPW NEWGARD™ 2-piece hand insulators make it easy to match new color schemes or replace soiled insulators without removing the nozzle from the hose.

OPW 8 FILLGARD™ Splash Guard

FILLGARD™ also enhances the appearance of your gasoline nozzle, and makes dispensing gasoline more pleasant for your customers. FILLGARD™ won’t deform or crack in cold weather. FILLGARD™ is not standard on new 7 Series nozzles.

Ordering Information
Hand Insulator Colour Newgard™ One Piece Newgard™ two-piece style Fillgard™
11A® 11B® 7H® 7HB® 11A® 11B® 11A® & 11B® 7H® / 7HB®
D01246M C03647M E00307M E00325M D01773M D01529M 8G-0100 8HG-0100
D01174M C03648M     205217 D02078M 8S-0200  
D00907M E00304M     D01775M D01789M 8R-0300  
D00909M E00308M E00306M E00324M D01719M D01532M 8BL-0400 8HBL-0400
D00908M C03649M     D01774M D01790M 8B-0500  
D00719M C03655M E00368M H11923M D01776M D01791M 8Y-0900 8HY-0900
D01295M C03653M     20519 205206 8GL-0750  
D01245M C03654M 205598 205599 205248 205252    
Note: Barrel and Hand Insulator sold separately.  D01530M    

Custom Colours

With minimum quantities. Contact OPW customer service.

Technical Information


  1. OPW may add or delete colours without notice.

  2. Actual colour may vary from production run to production run.

  3. Custom colours available, minimum quantities applicable.**

  4. Custom logos available for additional charge.**

** For ordering specifications not listed in this catalogue, contact Liquip.


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