8 FILLGARD™ Splash Guard

In addition to serving as a splash guard, FILLGARD™ also enhances the appearance of your gasoline nozzle, and makes dispensing gasoline more pleasant for your customers. FILLGARD™ won't deform or crack in cold weather. FILLGARD™ splash guards are not standard on new 7 Series nozzles.

Ordering Information
Hand Insulator Colour FILLGARD™
11A® & 11B® / 21Ge™ 7H® / 7HB®
  Green 8G-0100 8HG-0100
  Silver 8S-0200  
  Red 8R-0300  
  Black 8BL-0400 8HBL-0400
  Blue 8B-0500  
  Yellow 8Y-0900 8HY-0900
  Gold 8GL-0750  

Note: Barrel and Hand Insulator sold separately. 


Splash Guard Colours

Technical Information


  1. OPW may add or delete colours without notice.

  2. Actual colour may vary from production run to production run.

  3. Custom colours available, minimum quantities applicable.**

  4. Custom logos available for additional charge.**

** For ordering specifications not listed in this catalogue, contact Liquip.


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