LYNX Series Bottom Loading Coupler

Not Just Better In Every Way. The Best In Every Way.

The LYNX series brings together the best features of all API couplers to provide a superior and effortless bottom loading experience.

The LYNX is optimised to bring your liquid terminals and tank trucks the very best in dry-break API technology. From its ultra-durable stainless-steel collar to its ability to protect your loading-arm connection even when facing surge pressures up to 3,400 kPa, you can count on LYNX for years of service and to help minimize fluid loss.

Fast Disassembly, Less Downtime
If you have 30 seconds and a screwdriver, you can disassemble LYNX. Thanks to a U-pin design, loading-arm operators can perform coupler maintenance without special tools and do it quickly. 

Note: 5 year extended warranty is applicable to North America only.

Features & Benefits

Safety and Reliability

  • Minimal product leakage during disconnect increases site safety.
  • Low risk of leakage because of a proven seal design.
  • Four, "true interlocking" stainless steel latches ensure superior latch alignment and maximum safety.
  • Lightweight without reducing safety and reliability.
  • High-quality components including a stainless-steel collar and hard anodized aluminum body for increased service durability and life.

Performance and Convenience

  • Fast and easy disassembly of entire coupler through U-pin design.
  • U-pin is secured when the TTMA flange is fastened to prevent the pin from falling out in service.
  • Fast in-field replacement of main seals, on or off the arm.
  • Two operating handle sizes to suit customer preference.
  • Less drippage at disconnect compared to previous models.
  • Collar designed to ensure minimal distortion of critical latching face.
  • Easy to operate handle with a noticeable positive lock.

Comfort and Style

  • Ergonomic operating handle and carry loop results in less physical strain on users.
Technical Information

Handle Length
Short (150mm) or Long (200mm).

Seals Options
-Viton B.
-Viton GFLT (recommended for ethanol blends).
-NBR (Nitrile/Buna).

Max Working Pressure: 80 psi (5.5 bar) (550 kPa).
Product Test Pressure: 119 psi (8.2 bar) (820 kPa).
Design Pressure: 363 psi (25 bar) (2,500 kPa).
Max Surge Pressure: 493 psi (34 bar) (3,400 kPa).

Operating Temperature
Viton B70: -15°C to 90°C (0°F to 200°F).
Viton GFLT: -28°C to 90°C (-20°F to 200°F).
Nitrile/Buna: -40°C to 100°C (-40°F to 212°F).
FFKM: -5°C to 80°C (-23°F to 176°F).
Tecnoflon: -40°C to 90°C (-40°F to 200°F)
FKM (Ultra Low-Temp): -40°C to 90°C (-40°F to 200°F)

Design Standard
API RP 1004 8th EDITION 2003 - Bottom Loading and Vapour Recovery.

Removal of one U-pin enables the shaft assembly and main poppet to be withdrawn.

By industry standard 100mm (4”) TTMA Flange.

8.6kg (LYNX85x Couplers).
10.81kg (LYNX86x Couplers).

Ordering Information

LYNX850: Female API Coupler, Short Handle, Viton B.

LYNX850VG: Female API Coupler, Short Handle, Viton GFLT.

LYNX850C*: Female API Coupler, Short Handle, FFKM.

LYNX850P: Female API Coupler, Short Handle, Viton B, Proximity sensor.

LYNX850VGP: Female API Coupler, Short Handle, Viton GFLT, Proximity sensor.

LYNX852: Female API Coupler, Long Handle, Viton B.

LYNX852VG: Female API Coupler, Long Handle, Viton GFLT.

LYNX852C*: Female API Coupler, Long Handle, FFKM.

LYNX852G: Female API Coupler, Long Handle, Viton B - AVGAS Selective.

LYNX852J: Female API Coupler, Long Handle, Viton B - Jet Selective.

LYNX852VGP: Female API Coupler, Long Handle, Viton GFLT, Proximity sensor.

LYNX860: Female API Coupler, Short Handle Drip Catcher, Viton B.

LYNX860VG: Female API Coupler, Short Handle Drip Catcher, Viton GFLT.

LYNX862Female API Coupler, Long Handle Drip Catcher, Viton B.

LYNX862VGFemale API Coupler, Long Handle Drip Catcher, Viton GFLT.

*Product wetted components have been chosen for increased resistance to an wider range of fluids than other LYNX models. The materials used in the "C" versions are listed on the LYNX datasheet. Final product suitability is the responsibility of the end user.

Associated Equipment

LBM800: Liquip Loading Arm Balance Assembly.

LBV450VG: 4" Butterfly Valve, Viton GFLT seals.

BF4-SG-25: 4" TTMA sightglass flange, 25mm thick.

BF4-SG-40: 4" TTMA sightglass flange, 40mm thick.

0657V: 4" TTMA Viton Gasket.

4248: 4" TTMA Klinger Gasket