A-Frame Load Arms

A-Frame loading arms by Liquip provide superb flexibility and long reach bottom loading combined with an easy to use and comfortable design.

A-Frame loading arms park near the vertical for convenient storage and allow the arms to be used on either side of the loading island.

Features & Benefits
  • Preferred where space limitations exist in the loading rack.
  • Compact design allows A-frame arms to be mounted next to one another and can achieve arm cross-over for simultaneous compartment loading.
  • A-frame arms can easily service both sides of the loading arm bay.
  • Allows for easy handling of the loading arm and can easily fit the standard API envelope. 
  • Easy to adjust design for elevation/tilting during loading or unloading.
  • Uses Liquip's unique gas strut "Velvet Touch" technology.
  • Custom designs are available to suit individual loading applications and configurations.
Technical Information

Product Compatibility
Typical products handled by Low Profile arms include: Diesel, Jet Fuel. Petrol and various chemicals etc.

A range of sealing options are available including: Viton, Teflon and FFKM.

A-frame arms are available in aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel.

Pipe Size
4" (other sizes available on request).

Standard range of motion
Standard range of motion to suit the API envelope.

Ordering Information

Loading arm survey forms are available for users to fill out. Survey forms detail all technical requirements for your loading arm needs. These forms can be downloaded once you login to the Liquip website. Click here to obtain a login.

Alternatively, you can contact Liquip to receive a loading arm survey form and discuss any specific requirements you may have.

Associated Equipment

A-Frame loading components

  • Primary arm with base swivel.
  • Balance assembly.
  • Gas struts.
  • Intermediate swivel.
  • Drop spool/Drop hose.
  • Double plane, coupler swivel assembly.
  • Coupler spool.
  • API dry break couplers.
  • Butterfly valves.
  • Sightglasses.

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