SAS Dry-break

SAS dry-break couplings (also known as Dry-disconnect couplings) provide spill free product transfers for a wide range of media including Fuel, LPG, Ammonia, and other volatile chemicals. 

These couplers are designed to facilitate safe, affordable, and swift transfer of fluids and gases, while protecting the operator and the environment.

Key advantages over other similar style couplers include:

✔ Minimal product residue left on coupling faces

✔ Minimised purchase and life time costs 

✔ Excellent transfer rates increasing efficieny and saving time

✔ Safe handling of aggressive or valuable media 

✔ Fire/pressure spike resistant design 

✔ Easy maintenance process and repairable

✔ Integrated swivel functionality 

✔ Intuitive One Motion Coupling™ technology for easier connection

✔ Lighter than most other competitors to assist handling

✔ Compatibility with NATO STANAG couplers

✔ Highly competitive purchase price 

There are many factors that distinguish SAS couplers from other products on the market. Their ease of use, safety, and reliability make them an effective tool for preventing spills and leaks. In addition, they reduce product residue to one of the lowest levels in the industry. A broad range of energy, chemicals, and marine companies have put these couplers to work wherever safety, efficiency, and the integrity of the product count most. 

SAS couplings have changed the game when it comes to creating a new standard for transfer bulk liquids. 

Features & Benefits

There are number of features and benefits that make SAS couplers the preferred choice of many bulk liquid based operations.

Main features and benefits include:

• SAS Dry-break couplers can save you money
Dry-breaks couplers generate returns on investment, not costs. Designed with the end user in mind, although these couplers are among the highest-quality couplings on the market, they are priced very competitively.

• Quality in design means big savings in outlay 
Transactional savings are only one aspect of a broader savings potential

• Efficiency
SAS couplers boost efficiency by allowing for more work in less time. The OneMotionCouplingTM technology, which allows the operator to connect and engage the coupler in a single step, for a process that typically takes up to three. Their exceptionally easy usage leads to minimal down-time. 

Fewer errors
Fewer steps also equals a notably decreased risk of process errors. Often overlooked, this reduction in errors is a crucial investment-sparing aspect built into SAS couplers and the dependably good performance they deliver. 

In the short term, transfer incidents can lead to process breakdowns as well as damage to personnel and operator assets. SAS couplers provide the highest possible safety standards, protecting both the operator and the environment from spills and leaks. This yields a double benefit in both security and savings. 

Increasingly rigorous environmental regulations can also generate considerable fines and clean-up costs. Moreover, incidents can expose the company to legal and insurance risks. The careful design of our couplers effectively mitigates the risk of damage or injury and the potentially exponential costs of correcting them. 

• Durability
High-quality manufacturing standards produce extremely durable couplers that users can depend on for extended periods of time. Built to last, the SAS minimises the total cost of ownership. 

• Pressure spike risk reduction
Hazardous pressure spikes can result from fires and other coupling accidents. SAS couplers have an additional layer of protection against pressure spikes that is inherent in the product’s design. Unlike other couplers, instead of an engineered disassembly point facing outward, the SAS disassembles toward the hose connection. This gives SAS’ outward-facing connection the smallest possible diameter. This difference is the technical reason that keeps SAS’ coupling internals securely in place within the coupler body, even if the unit is subjected to extreme pressure.

• Protection from spills, leading to product loss
SAS couplers are virtually the driest in the industry. The manufacturer has specifically targeted precision-engineered solutions to minimise product loss, impact on the environment and exposure to the operator as well. 

• Highest Quality Standards
Recognising the basic link between safety and quality, great pride has been taken in offering high-quality, safe-usage couplers. All of the materials used in the manufacturing are from the USA and Germany. They contain no base metals (gunmetal, brass etc.) or sub-components such as those found in low-cost regions (sand-castings etc.). For this reason, users can be certain that SAS couplers meet the highest standards. 

Technical Information

Available sizes
1”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 4” 

Stainless steel, Aluminium 

Viton (or others by request)

Maximum Working Pressures
363 psi (Sst.), 232 psi (Alu.) 

End Connections
NPT, BSP / DIN, Flange

Manufactured using an ISO accredited system

Compliant environment and conform with:
•ATEX, the directive for equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

•The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC; Kat. II, Module A1; Applicable


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