Non Return Valves

Liquip NRV80 sandwich type non-return valve is typically fitted between standard 3" TTMA or 80mm DIN pipeline flanges, predominantly in aviation refuellers.



Features & Benefits
  • Special contoured and shaped valve to allow minimum pressure drop under full flow condition. 
  • Immediately after the flow ceases the valve shuts, preventing product from draining back down the pipeline.
  • fitted with a small thermal relief valve to guard against over pressurisation.
Technical Information

Main poppet opens at a pressure of 0.9kPa.
Vacumm poppet opens at a pessure of 350kPa.

Suitable for Aviation fuel.

O-rings are used for positive sealing.

Aluminium body, poppet, spider and washer.
All Viton seals and O-rings.
Stainless steel shaft screws and springs.

Ordering Information

NRV80: Aviation non return valve - 3" TTMA.


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