Isoil Digital Display - LFD-6

Isoil’s LFD-6 remote display unit has been designed mainly for use on hydrant dispensers and aviation refuellers working at airports. This application requires the volume measured by the PD meter be repeated and easily read from a reasonable distance within the working area.

The LFD-6 nevertheless can be used in any application where the operator is working at a distance from the meter counter and an easily readable display is required. Such typical applications include top loading of tank trucks and rail cars, also loading of barges, ships, etc.

From a metrology standpoint, it is the main meter (and counter) that is the only official metering reference. Therefore, the LFD-6 has to be considered as a simple repeater of the main instrument. The value displayed is received by factorised pulses representing the minimum value to be read (e.g. if the display is required in litres, then 1 pulse=litre). If the LFD-6 is used in conjunction with ISOIL’s VegaII or VegaT electronic counter it can be linked via serial line. The LFD-6 has a maximum of 6 digits plus a decimal point that can be programmed in a fixed position. At the end of the delivery the unit can be reset to zero remotely by means of a dedicated input.

The display brightness is achieved by automatic, self adjusting LED which provides very high readability in all lighting conditions. The LFD-6 is suitable for use in explosive areas and harsh environments. ATEX conformity and IP66 protection rating.


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