Hydrant Pit Valve CLA-VAL 352GF

The Cla-Val Model 352GF Hydrant Pit Valve is a piston style, pilot operated on / off valve designed for use in aircraft refueling hydrant systems.

The Model 352GF Hydrant Pit Valve can be ordered with either a manual deadman pilot or a pneumatic deadman pilot. When fitted with a pneumatic pilot, an optional emergency air release lanyard for manual override can be added to provide a way to close the pit valve even with deadman air pressure actively applied.

The outlet of the Model 352GF Hydrant Pit Valve can be connected to by any 4 inch API hydrant pit coupler, such as the Cla-Val Model 351GF-15 Hydrant Coupler and 353GF Pressure Control Coupler.

It complies with the requirements of EI Specification 1584 Fourth Edition.

The upper API body of the Model 352GF Hydrant Pit Valve is made of hardened stainless steel. The lower body is made of ductile iron. Aluminium is not used for these critical pressure containing components.

It incorporates a servicing valve which allows for the removal of the pilot for service without the need to de-pressurize the delivery system.

Features & Benefits
  • Complies with EI Specification 1584 Fourth Edition
  • Body of Ductile Iron and Stainless Steel – No Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel Piston
  • Multiple Options for Pilot Operations
  • Optional Emergency Air Release Lanyard for the Pneumatic Pilots
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +180 F (-40 to 80C)
  • Fits Within 13 Inch Diameter Pits
  • Optional Excess Flow Shut-off
  • Dust Cap included
  • Standard inlet flange mates with 4-inch 150lb ANSI flange.
  • 20 mesh screen option is available.
  • All seals are field replaceable.
  • 4" or 6" Stone guard option with Snap Ring
Materials Specification

Body Material
Ductile Iron ASTM A536 65-45-12.

API Adapter
Stainless Steel.

Pilot Valve
Aluminium or Stainless Steel.

Nitrile and Fluorocarbon.

Hard Anodised Aluminium.

Stainless Steel.

Dust Cap
Polyurethane Company.

Corrosion Protection
Electroless Nickel-Plated to MIL-C-26047 (4 to 6mm penetration).

Ordering Information

The base valve is a 352GF- and various modifications may be added by option letters as shown below. 

Option Description
4 Pit Valve 4” Inlet ANSI 150
6 Pit Valve 6” Inlet ANSI 150
A Air / Fuel Pilot
AD Air Pilot with Defuel
M Manual Pilot
AL Air Pilot with Override
S4 Stone Guard 4” with Snap Ring
S6 Stone Guard 6” with Snap Ring
I 20 Mesh Strainer 4" and 6"

Ordering Example
: Standard pit valve with 4” inlet flange ANSI 150 with pneumatic operated pilot valve and lanyard override s/w stone guard on inlet

For detailed models that are available please contact Liquip.

Associated Equipment

New Remote Pilots

These remote pilots stays attached to the hydrant servicer via the command hose and they can be energized with either air or fuel:

Part number 64230 Simple Disconnect (requires manual lifting of the colalr to engage and to disengage).
Part Number 64280 Push-On Disconnect can be pushed on, nut collar must be raised to disengage, or will disengage automatically when pulling the lanyard on the Option "Y".

Optional extension handle avilable on both remote pilots.



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