AVN042 - Overwing Nozzles

The Liquip AVN042 has been designed as an easy to operate nozzle for delivery of all fuels and aviation fuels. 

Features & Benefits
  • Equipped with "power assist" dashpot operation to make it as light as a service station nozzle.
  • The pressure-balance design allows a small, constant finger force on the trigger no matter what the pump pressure.
  • The trriger action first opens a bullet shaped internal seal to equalise internal nozzle pressure, making it easy to open the product seal.
  • Ease of operation allows for dine, accurate top-up without any surging and spliashing.
  • Handle and trigger are easily replaceable.
  • Body has wear ribs to protect it when dragged.
Technical Information

Trigger Force
Constant 60N at midpoint

Flow-through Diameter
38mm (1½"). 

Pressure Drop
Only 50 kPa pressure drop at 300 LPM with 32mm spout.

2.5kg with 32mm spout.

38mm (1½" BSPP female thread) inlet.

Aluminium body, handle, trigger and adaptor outlet. Stainless Steel shaft, pin and spring and Viton & Polyurethane seals.

Remove capscrew. Unscrew outlet adaptor. This will give access to all internals.

Ordering Information

AVN042: 1½" overwing nozzle body.

AVN-25Z: Complete Nozzle with 25mm spout.

AVN-32Z: Complete Nozzle with 32mm spout.

AVN-38Z: Complete Nozzle with 38mm spout.

AVN-JZ: Complete Nozzle - Jet Selective.

Associated Equipment

AVN042: 1½" overwing nozzle body.

ER250: 25mm (reduced) spout.
ER495: 32mm aluminium spout.
ER583 : 38mm aluminium spout.
ER587 JET: Jet-Selective aluminium spout.

Hose Swivel
TS57-0058 : 1½" M x 1½" F

Dust Caps
GKG25: Buna-N dust cap & spring loaded chain to suit 25mm spout.
GKG32: Buna-N dust cap & spring loaded chain to suit 32mm spout.
GKG38: Buna-N dust cap & spring loaded chain to suit 38mm spout.
GKG38-J: Buna-N dust cap & spring loaded chain to suit Jet selective spout.

EG432: Brass adaptor to suit AVN042 overwing nozzle for fitting spouts.

ES418: Poly/stainless steel 100 mesh strainer to suit EK432 adaptor.
EG-ASS: Adapter (EG432) + Strainer (ES418).

Spalsh Guard
EK419: Buna-N guard to suit EG432 adaptor.

Static Clamps
EKG1200: 1.2m bonding cable and clip.


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