Ball & Socket - Overwing

The Liquip ball and socket nozzle stowage assembly provides safe and sturdy nozzle storage as well as an interlocking mechanism. 

Features & Benefits
  • The interlocking mechanism can be connected to either an electrical interlock switch or a pneumatic interlock valve.
  • Releasing a nozzle from the socket is made easy using a lever located directly under the socket.
  • This assembly consists of an anodised aluminium alloy body and stainless steel ball to minimise the chance of sparking on contact.
Ordering Information

4600-03-02 Nozzle Stowage Cover

4600-03-06 Jet Selective Nozzle Stowage

4600-06-02 Overwing Nozzle Interlock Bracket

4600-03-01 Nozzle Stowage Holder Assembly


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