3" TTMA Sightglasses and Flanges

The BF3 series of sightglasses and flanges are made to suit 3" TTMA flanges/piping. 

Flanges provide the ability to make a removable connection between two points.They have a chamfered bore to clear the disc, fitted beside a butterfly valve.

Sightlgasses offer the ability to view product in piping to ensure if a compartment/tanker has product present or if it has been drained.

Liquip can supply BF3 sightglasses as single units or in "Kits". A Kit is a part that combined two or more parts e.g. a BF3-SGZ is a  sightglass supplied with a mating 3" TTMA gasket. Please see ordering information tab for further detail.

Features & Benefits
  • Cast Acrylic design that provides superior optical clarity.
  • Annealed for improved performance with aggressive fuel additives.
  • Sightglass fits between two flanges of the same specification.
  • TTMA or ANSI flange options available.
  • Full face Viton gaskets available and recommended.
  • Sightglasses are date stamped to assist with planned maintenance.
  • Suitable for all common fuel grades including diesel, unleaded, jet and ethanol blends.
Technical Information

Operating Temperature
-50oC to 80oC.

Max Pressure

The standard drilling for sightglasses is TTMA, so the unit will fit behind an API adaptor as well as Liquip butterfly valve. 

Mounting bolts of adequate length tightened to a torque of 20Nm -
Tighten up evenly in a criss-cross manner.

Install with full face gaskets on both sides.

General Technical Information

Do not use with solvents – see compatibility on datasheet.
Do not flame polish.


Ordering Information

BF3: Aluminium  80mm tube to 3" TTMA flange.

BF3-1: Mild Steel 80mm tube to 3" TTMA flange.

BF3-1S: Stainless Steel 80mm tube to 3"TTMA flange.

BF3-SG: 3" TTMA Sightglass flange (25mm thick).

TW1-SG-25: 3" TW1 Sightglass flange (25mm thick).

TW1-SG-25VZ: TW1-SG-25 c/w Viton A Gasket.

Associated Equipment

LBV300: 3” Butterfly valve c/w bonded Viton seal.

LBV300Z: LBV300 c/w 2 x 3” TTMA NBR gaskets.

LBV300VZ: LBV300 c/w 2 x 3” TTMA Viton gaskets.

LBV3-LA: 3” machined butterfly valve.

LBV3-AAZ: 3” Butterfly Valve & Air Actuator.

LBV3-AASRZ: 3” Butterfly Valve & Spring Return Actuator.