Filter Standard Sensing Assemblies

The 5000-03-00 standard Sensing Kit for Hydrant Dispenser Filter Vessels was introduced in early 2008 to standardise the components and layout for Liquip aviation refuelling equipment.

The 5000-03-04 assembly is the standard for most Refuellers.

The 5000-03-09 assembly is the standard only for Low Profile LEFT HAND orientation Dispensers (typically for Asia and the Middle East).

The Main Components in the kit (see illustration on following page) comprise the Air Eliminator, Depressurisation & Pressure relief / Check valves, and two small isolation Ball Valves.

*In late 2010 the Show Flow was removed from the assembly and relocated near the Collector Tank or Control Panel for easier operator viewing during fuelling operations.

Ordering Information

For Ordering Information as well as Techinical Specifications, please refer to the datasheet.


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