Liquip Rural - Quenching Australia's thirst for quality Australian made fuel storage and dispensing equipment

If you want to get behind Australian ingenuity and Australian made products, then our new Liquip Rural brand is for you.

It's our dedicated effort in response to those who have started to beat the drum for a return to good ol' Aussie thinking and products. We want to give people a chance to choose fuel management solutions designed and made right here in Australia (Melbourne in particularly)!

Liquip Rural Refuelling Trailers 
– made to tow anywhere

Our robust Liquip Rural Refuelling Tank Trailer is our first product to hit the market in the range and carry the Liquip Rural brand mark. It's already started turning heads across southern rural landscapes and is supporting farmers in refuelling harvesters late into the night and keeping seeders sowing fields off the break.

To learn more about this unique and highly valuable Aussie made workhorse, you can read all the specifications and benefits on our dedicated product page.

Liquip Rural Farm Tanks 
– made for Aussie farms

Our Liquip Rural Single Wall on ground round shaped Farm Tanks are designed for easy bulk or nozzle filling and set up to mount a variety of dispensing pump solutions. They provide a safe environment, removing the need to climb up ladders or unsafe stairs found on gravity fed tanks, as well as a highly cost-effective solution.

To learn more about this cost-effective and clever storage vessel you can read all the specifications and benefits on our dedicated product page.


Liquip Victoria Accredited Australian Made Business

The Liquip Rural range of products are Australian designed and made

To place this iconic logo on a product you sell, and claim what it says, you need to apply for permission and meet a number of important criteria guidelines. We are proud say the above products successfully meet these criteria. Indeed, not all components we fit to our trailers and tanks fit this badge, but where possible we try to source parts that are from Australian owned businesses or are Australian made.

For those interested, the Australian Made Website holds a wonderful list of Australian Made products, should you wish to support other local manufacturers and Australian businesses like ours.

Liquip Victoria is an Australian owned and operated business

We have a long and proud history of supporting Australian businesses with Solution Focused, Service Driven outcomes, all delivered by great Australian minds and know how. To kick start our Liquip Rural products above have been designed, engineered and built at help Australian's more safely store, transfer and dispense fuels.

"Liquip Rural is our response to the claim that Australian manufacturing is dying. In all honesty it's not. It's very much alive and bounding ahead. We're your proof!"

Hayden Schulz. Liquip Victoria Sales Manager.


Interested in selling Liquip Rural products and support accessories?

Liquip Victoria are on the look out for Liquip Rural distributors. If you're a retailing business who can see the value in our investment into manufacturing Australian made products and would like to be part of our program, then why not join us a selling partner. We're open to discuss opportunities for businesses Australia wide, supporting you with a brand that we're confident your customers would value, readily adopt and buy.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity please contact us today.

Liquip Rural Catalogue

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Moving forward Liquip Victoria has number of new Liquip Rural products in development. To discuss the current range above and what we've got in the pipeline, please contact the team for more information.